When God Comes Near

Author's note

When God Comes Near is a story about hope. It is a story about faith when life falls apart. It is a story about choosing to believe in a God who was often silent, but always present. It chronicles the experience of receiving an incomprehensible diagnosis and waiting sixteen months for it to destroy the earthly life of beautiful 27-year-old Megan. And as the waiting continued, the writing progressed and wove itself into a thing of remarkable strength that helped me in my disbelief and despair.


As I say on my blog, I always wanted to write a cookbook. Well, this is hardly a cookbook. But my good friend reminded me that it really is in a way. He said it offers a recipe for walking through one of life's greatest hurts. Step by step, the book takes the reader from kicking and screaming in disbelief, to finding acceptance, and on to the discovery that suffering can be transformed into honey for others. Maybe that is what the book is—a small, transforming piece of hope that others can hold in their hand and read, discovering that they, too, can find hope and meaning through the valleys of life.


Marcia Gaddis

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Children's series inspired by Marcia's childhood on a Kentucky farm:

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Oh, My Squash!Sustainable living off the land is the theme for this tale.
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Praise for When God Comes Near

"Marcia Gaddis invites the reader to join her on a pilgrimage through fear, faith, and fulfillment. For all who wonder where our Lord is in the times of our greatest sorrows, this is a must read." 

James H. Morgan, Chairman and CEO, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc.

"Marcia Gaddis has given us more than “another book.”  She has shared with the Body of Christ her painful journey; one that was filled with question marks and midnight sobs, battling the struggles of anger and bewilderment, wondering “where is God?”  In watching beautiful and gifted Megan slowly fade away from her, Marcia had to confront that age old problem of “why?”  She made a decision.  “I will cling to what I do know and not become a victim of what I do not know. I know that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.” Fortunately for the Body of Christ, she kept a journal describing how “dark hours of the soul” can be transformed into “the joy of the Lord is my strength.” This book will be a blessing of encouragement to the discouraged.  It will shine a light of hope to those walking in the darkness of inexplicable circumstances.  As fellow strugglers in life, we thank Marcia for demonstrating that by faith in God’s love, deep sorrow can become a blessing." 

Bob Marsh, Atlanta, GA

"As writer Marcia Gaddis describes the sacred time of daughter Megan’s sickness and dying, she beautifully articulates the faith that life with God is “forever,”  which was the last word of prayer that  Megan said with me. Through the blessing of this book, readers can walk Megan’s path in memory and hope, imagining with this faithful family the gift of God’s  time beyond time, when death will be no more."

Betsy Lunz, Minister of Pastoral Care, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA

"Megan Gaddis was an exceptionally bright, caring and committed young person. When God Comes Near leads the reader across the course of Megan's incomprehensible illness, offering gifts of faith, solace and insight."

Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

"Having been involved at the  CJD Foundation for almost ten years since my husband's death of the same disease, I know of only a few people as young as Megan to acquire Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It was my heartbreaking honor to support the Gaddis family and to witness them as they courageously walked beside their beautiful daughter. Marcia's book and her journey of faith is uplifting and offers hope to those who find themselves in the midst of heartbreak." 

Florence Kranitz, President, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation, Inc., Akron, OH

"Marcia Gaddis took my hand, walked me through the darkness of her pain and brought me through victoriously."

Leslie Hankey, Tate Mountain, GA

"I have never closed the door on faith, but I am not quite ready to take that step either. Rare events, and occasionally rare people, enter my life and make me peek through that door again. Megan and her mother's story have done that for me."


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