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Marcia Gaddis is a free-lance writer, author, and speaker.  She writes a weekly column for her blog, The Olive Branch, and  has been writing for three years. She is published in the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Newsletter and  has just completed her first book, When God Comes Near.

Marcia also has a degree in Home Economics, having taught school and worked as  a Home Economist for the University of Georgia.  For two years, Marcia free-lanced for the Ball Corporation and was the co-host for the gardening television show Backyard America.   She worked in the Advancement Office at Whitefield Academy, but her favorite job was to have been a stay-at-home mom for twenty years.

She is presently working on a book about grief entitled Five White Doves, and has a series of children's books started, based on her life as a child growing up on a farm in Kentucky.

She worships at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church and has been married to her "first" husband, Mike, for 39 years. They have three adult children.  She enjoys cooking and playing golf, and tries to work in her garden every day.

When God Comes Near

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